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Core Capabilities
Gavial ITC Manufacturing
Gavial ITC Design

Everything you need to support your next custom project

  • Manufacturing Design

  • Engineering

  • Production

  • Testing

  • Quality Assurance

The Gavial ITC Team

Gavial ITC and its employees are dedicated to delivering the highest level of quality and service to its customers.  The Gavial ITC team draws upon decades of experience and knowledge to build high-quality, high-reliability parts and systems for some of the most demanding industries. We apply our Quality Assurance Program to strong processes, industry knowledge and dedicated people to deliver quality product on time.​  Will work with you to deliver the highest quality products and services your organization and team need to succeed.  

The Gavial ITC Facilities 

Gavial ITC operates from the original ITC facility in Santa Barbara, California.  We maintain key employees with decades of product experience and knowledge who know how to operate legacy tools and equipment and can support the legacy ITC lines.  We also incorporate state of the art equipment for new builds. 

Building and Equipment Details

A large floor space is designated for transducer assembly work at Gavial ITC.  This area is sectioned by type of activity to create an orderly flow of work through all manufacturing operations.  Components that form a subassembly or a specialized portion of a transducer assembly are fabricated on the Gavial ITC general assembly floor or in a room specially segregated from the general assembly work flow.  This special room has been constructed at Gavial ITC to house MIL-STD-2000A soldering activities as well as complex and intricate component fabrication.  In the general assembly area specially trained personnel and equipment are available to perform the following functions as necessary:


  • Soldering/Wiring

  • Fiberglass pre-stressing

  • Vulcanizing

  • Thermoplastic injection molding

  • Bonding

  • Mechanical Assembly

  • Vacuum polyurethane encapsulation

  • Vacuum oil filling

  • Painting

The Gavial ITC assembly area maintains a fully equipped engineering prototype lab away from the mainstream of assembly activity.  This development lab is instrumental in supporting Gavial ITC engineering R & D efforts.  Prototypes for new transducer designs and one-of-a-kind models for engineering analysis are also constructed in the Gavial ITC development lab.  In addition, the shop provides a convenient place for the Gavial ITC engineering staff to quickly develop and test corrective measures for any problem that may develop on the production line.

Acceptance Test Facilities
Gavial ITC acceptance test resources include the following:


Acoustic Test Tanks
(1) Redwood Tank Dia... 20 ft x 15' depth    20,000 gallons
(2) Redwood Tank Dia... 14 ft x 12' depth    12,000 gallons


Each gavial ITC acoustic test tank is installed with calibrated equipment for measuring and evaluating the following transducer performance characteristics:

  • Complex impedance/admittance

  • Transmitting voltage/response (TVR)

  • Receive sensitivity (OCV)

  • Directivity Patterns

  • Source level power capability

  • Efficiency

Other characteristics of the Gavial ITC acoustic test facility are noted below:


Frequency Range Capability:
(1) Transmit    :    Approximately 2 kHz to MHz
(2) Receive    :      100 Hz to MHz

Repetition Rate    :    100 usec to 99.99 sec.
Pulse Width    :    10 usec to 9.999 sec.
Pulse Delay    :    10 usec to 9.999 sec.

Test Depth    :    Approximately 8 ft. (max.)

Test Distance    :    3 meters

Ambient Water Temperature :  18 deg C + 3 deg C

Power Out    :
(a)     10W to 1 MHz
(b)     75W to 1 MHz
(c)     2 kW  to 200 kHz


Gavial ITC has four (4) pressure test chambers available for hydrostatic testing.

Characteristics of each chamber are as follows:


Pressure Chambers
(1)      3,000 psi    Dia... 30 in x 5 ft. deep
(1)      1,500 psi    Dia... 14 in x 8 ft. deep
(1)      1,500 psi    Dia... 16 in x 12 in. oval opening
(1)    10,000 psi    Dia... 10 in x 30 in. deep

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