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A history of service leadership
History of Gavial ITC

Since its establishment in 1966, ITC has gained a reputation for being a leader in the field of ultrasonic and acoustic transducer development.

No other sensor supplier can deliver our combination of dedication, reputation, and capabilities to address your undersea acoustic needs.

ITC sensors are used on the US Navy’s most modern warships and submarines and are the “standard” in US Government Labs and research institutions.  

Gavial ITC now maintains all design information, manufacturing knowhow and critical equipment required to deliver all legacy ITC Transducer models. 

Who we serve today
Sea and Subsea Naval Operations Technology
Oil Services & Ocean Exploration Technology
Advanced Transducer Technology

We consistently deliver high performing technical products to demanding companies for mission critical applications.  

  • Rapid Design of Acoustic Sensors

  • Custom Manufacturing of Piezo-Electric Sensors 

  • Sonar Array Construction

  • Beam Forming Technology

  • Acoustic Testing and Calibration

  • Active & Passive Sound Detection Sensors

  • Undersea Communications

  • Marine Mammal Detection

Mission critical applications
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